The installation/performance Delirious Departures is inhabited by visitors, spectators and performers. You never really know whether the latter are human or artificial. Groups of active avatars crowd the social areas of the train station and interact with the participants. Actions and reactions are never inconsequential but always trigger a response. The train station is no longer a neutral crossroad but a place that confronts you with the other.

I had multiple tasks for this production. During the early days I was tasked to travel to multiple Belgian train stations and railroad sites to make 3D scans of the environments using the Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner. Each of these digitalised environments became the building blocks with which we created the virtual stage in which Delirious Deparures was performed.

When production was full swing, I and the rest of the technical team researched and implemented the many different types of technology that were to be used. These included the use of the XSens Motion Capture suit, VR systems (Oculus and SteamVR) and PRESENT R&D components.